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Sexy Ukraine escorts service girl I have for you four Ukraine escorts girls who completely are enamoured of you! You can do with them that want. They constantly think of you, but do not admit, because are afraid that you will laugh over their feelings. Therefore pretend that you know nothing». The sachet very much was pleasant to be my guinea pig. Though in detail he knew nothing about my experiment. I simply adjusted women and asked, that was, about what to it without telling. It met all the week long girls several times with everyone. Then I a week later have called back to them.

The first: «Sasha has absolutely changed my opinion on it. It became such good, I did not expect. It already practically is pleasant to me! At us with it can as it will turn out, and why you ask?.»

The second: «Your Ukraine escorts friend is not too bad it has appeared, as I spoke. Though it and not in my taste, but it was simply class sex! It persevering». (Also it is our modest Sasha!) the Third: «From what it took, what I will meet it? Why he so insisted, you that have arranged it? I did not ask to equip the private Ukraine escorts life! Gifts it is not necessary for me». The little fool, you do not appreciate my gifts — well and it is fine! More never you with anybody I will not acquaint. And could reduce with the class guy. The fourth:«Alex, thanks you that has pushed me. I was wrong about your Ukraine escorts friend. It completely not such to what me seemed in the beginning». Here such here experiment for a month! Who wants it to repeat? If will be, I will occupy with its work, and it will summarise each my conversation and each action, to that about I spoke on the phone for last month so much, that an ear has rubbed! But it is that costed! I have in a fantastic way lighted! I have found out that for this man the most important thing is a spirit and confidence that it is pleasant to Ukraine escorts women. Whether it is possible to draw any theoretical conclusions by results of experiment? Whether it will be correct to extend generalisation to all men, and then and on all women? Whether truth that the unique factor defining our success, is confidence what we are pleasant to the Ukraine escorts person? It is necessary to answer this question to you. Either to confirm, or to deny it.