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Fuck Ukrainian escorts service woman Have put on and have arrived to me to have sex? Some spoke:«The car and wine»; some:«Desire». Then I asked:«That is necessary that, you have now arrived to the Sachet and were engaged with it in sex?» Contact to each of them was very confidential, they loved me as the Ukrainian escorts friend, therefore they were. Two of ten girls have answered:«It is necessary, that he has simply called me!» Next day I have given phone numbers of those two Ukrainian escorts girls of the Sachet that he has called them. After it has phoned to them and has simply told everyone:«Give we will meet». Both have agreed. And night they have spent together. After that I have decided to make experiment.

From the new arrived girls I have calculated a little from those who wants to meet Sashej and quite approaches it. Then I have communicated to them that is, as usual, have made all work for the Ukrainian escorts friend. They so trusted me. I said to each of them that it is ideally suited for the Sachet. This time I have transferred the Sachet of number of three Ukrainian escorts girls. Three girls from twenty with which I communicated, were ready to climb in bed to it on the first appointment, practically in some minutes. BUT! Having transferred numbers, I have told lies to it, having told:«I called to These girls, I do not know, whether you are pleasant to them. read more →

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Fuck Kiev escorts service models All the same your eyes will make the necessary work, she will guess that is pleasant to you! The Kiev escorts woman wants, that it ordered, the woman wants to feel that she is a woman. Very strong Kiev escorts woman dreams to find to itself the guy with whom she can feel weak. That is why it is necessary to be with the woman VERY ASSURED! What structure of your actions from the moment of opening of this book?

1. Get a notebook in which you will write down unnecessary and fulfilled phones of Kiev escorts women.
2. Regularly leave in crowded a place to get acquainted with all women successively which will be pleasant to you.
3. In some days ring out to these persons and them on appointment. On every day appoint on appointment. If the Kiev escorts girl asks you, why you so precisely make an appointment on Wednesday, and today only Sunday, your answer to it: «You that, do not know, what such planning? I am seriously occupied! Therefore on Wednesday there in so much!» After that bring the resume: «So, we have agreed, there, in so much».
4. You meet them. In half from appointments you fulfil is a sex this very day. In other appointments your problem to make so that the Kiev escorts girl has wanted to meet you once again!
5. Sex. In a week from them you should dissolve one on sex at any cost!
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Kiev escorts sexy ladies Vip Kiev escorts sexy girl, knowing simple true: until you do not realise necessity to be attractive and sexy, you will be noncompetitive in comparison with other sexual objects (what, actually, all of us and we are, at least, at that age while we are capable to continue mankind). Any normal Kiev escorts woman (already because she was born in a female body) possesses desire to be pleasant as in it the instinctive aspiration to involve representatives of an opposite sex is put. Especially strongly it is shown, at achievement of age of a sexual maturity. During this period the feminine proves especially actively. From here it is possible to understand, why young Kiev escorts girls-teenagers wear supershort skirts, do causing make-up and inconceivable hairdresses, with might and main «Their sexual hormones a loud voice shoot eyes», etc. declare itself – and all is told by it! More low the test of beauty developed by me is offered to your attention. This test has already received popularity as the unique way allowing each Kiev escorts woman to analyse feature of own appearance, to reveal the pluses and minuses, and, to spend, so to say, "inventory" of the resources of beauty and appeal. The Kiev escorts beauty test will give the chance to you to highlight, as if «a projector beam», the shape and to see that "pantries" where stocks of your charm are stored, are completely not empty! The BEAUTY TEST will give the chance to YOU to HIGHLIGHT, AS IF «the PROJECTOR BEAM» ОСОБЕНОСТИ the SHAPE And to SEE THAT "PANTRIES" WHERE STOCKS of YOUR CHARM are stored, are completely not empty! read more →

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Ukraine escorts agency ladies Test So, before you« the beauty test », developed by me specially that to help each Ukraine escorts woman to estimate properly pluses and minuses of the appearance. Put on a bathing suit (better separate) and at day illumination rise before big, in all growth, a mirror. It is even better, if you make this bared Ukraine escorts agency girls test. Walk before a mirror, look at itself from different directions, sideways, from a back (for this purpose use a manual mirror). Do not lose sight of any trifle. However not be to itself unfairly captious, do not direct attention to insignificant small defects On the other hand, refuse the narcissism deprived of any criticism. Try to be objective. With it you will be helped by the following tested reception. At first imagine that the enamoured man looks at you, it will help you to note your doubtless advantages. And now try to look at itself eyes of the spiteful competitor (though it and is not too pleasant!) . Estimate the appearance from this position. After you finish the supervision, put down to yourself estimations on five-point system opposite to each point in the list resulted more low. The GENERAL VIEW Growth Weight (completeness degree) Proportions (harmony of parts of a body) the Bearing (symmetry, stateliness) the Hair colour Skin colour Quality of a skin the HEAD Hair (density, the invoice) the Person (as a whole) Quality of a face skin the Face form the Form of a forehead of the read more →

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Expensive Kiev escort girls How? Choose clothes, cosmetics and the accessories as much as possible underlining them (but about it we will in detail talk further). Appearance "Trumps" are the weapon and consequently it is simply ridiculous to hide them from associates, especially from cheap Kiev escort girl! And now lead round a black pencil those elements of your exterior on which you have put yourselves "two" (or "three" if you do not deserve "two"). They are yours «problem zones». Learn them skilfully to mask, hiding from eyes and at all without parading. How? Choose Kiev escort clothes, cosmetics and the accessories as much as possible hiding defects of your appearance (about it as I already spoke, it will be told more low). First of all, care of that "trumps" of your appearance have been submitted as much as possible effectively. Certainly, simultaneously do not forget to mask the lacks. Strictly follow these two rules then associates will consider you as extraordinary attractive, seductive Kiev escort woman, and to compliments in your address there will be no end. A practical work of seduction the Question: After a birth of the Kiev escort lady at me the figure has changed. On the one hand, the breast began look very effectively: high, magnificent, with an appetizing depression in the ground. But the waist "has crept away and has increased by the whole twelve centimetres! How it is possible to hide this lack of a figure? Kiev escort Marina, 32 years. The answer: do not miss a case to show your bust. read more →