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Voice from sky proclaimed peremptorily: “you will not be accepted in a komsomol!”, and all at sutstvuyushchie in a surprise looked upstairs. That they saw, amazed many yet more. A black loud speaker peeked out from snow-white clouds, by bad escort in Kiev voice yelling there are not barriers to “Us”. Contemplating it, will put baldly, unusual spectacle, Yurik blissfully smiled in sleep. In the morning, on the real line, unhaving a good sleep Yurik did not fail to report Svechkinoy: - And you today in escort in Kiev sleep dreamed me. In an improper kind. - It in what? - took interest from somewhere behind Schur Сemitsvetov, whose stuck out ears, as radars, caught all sounds around, even those which were not for these ears intended. - In by a goal, - gladly explained Bird, and at once a few youths cast a surprised escort in Kiev look on Svechkinu. Before this aspect somehow slipped out from their attention. Nobody when did not think that strict and exemplary Svechkina can be naked. A similar idea was almost so blasphemous, as now and then visiting separate pioneers, lighting up, that escort in Kiev Lenin, appears, also walked in a rest room. Under undressing looks Svechkina turned red to the roots of hairs and probably would escape from eyes away - but already buglers trumpeted and drummers tapped, and from the distant end of line-up to the center carried a colour. To abandon a line-up at this juncture meant to blow off a line, and on such Svechkina was notescort in Kiev capable. A pioneer debt overpowered, and it, restraining tears, threw up a hand in a salute. After a line prudent, able never to meet and not get Zhen’ka Gurevich said Yuriku: - To no purpose you are become by swollen. Ohна? nastuchit, and you will start to fly from here by a white swan. - On that and nasty duckling, that to fly a swan, - Yurik answered proudly. Svechkina, however, and did not think to knock. True, this business lovers were present in detachment and besides it, but they were deprived access in high spheres, so that their knock did not go farther than leader which and so heard talks the edge of ear in build.

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