Ukraine Escort Guide FAQ

What is it Ukraine escort agency?
Ukraine escort agency provides you with the best Ukraine model girls to make your trip better, to save your time for greater pleasure and to make your meeting with Ukraine more interesting and exiting.

If I will pay for 1 hour but it will be not enough of time and I would like to continue and to have more time?
You can stay with your Kiev escort girl as long as you wish but you will pay a girl for all time you were together.

Can I have a Kiev girl for me and 2 my friends?
You can but previously you have to inform our manager about your wish.

Can I ask to Ukraine escort agency to have sexy toys, disks with sex and especial clothes for girls?
Ukraine escort will do it for you, but you have to pay for this service.

Can you bock a hotel for me and send me confirmation?
Contact our manager and we will send to your e-mail a number of good hotels, you will make your choice and than we’ll send a confirmation of reservation to your e-mail.

Can I have meal in my apartments?
Yes you can have a meal in your apartment at any time but it’s not included in the price for a girl.

Can my Kiev girl meet me in airport?
Your Kiev girl will meet you in airport and you will pay for a taxi or a bus to get to your hotel. Your lady can also rent you a car but it’s not included in the price for a girl.

If I invite a girl to restaurant, or for to have a walk in Kiev, need I pay look like it is on your site? Or I must pay for sex only?
Ukraine escort can propose you different variants of prises for to take pleasure in restaurants or have a walk in Kiev with your model girl. All you need is to explain our manager what you want and he will organise everything.

I would like to go to Ukraine for a first time. Can your girl chow me Kiev and other towns of Ukraine? Does she speak English?
All girls from Ukraine escort speak English and you are sure to have a good guide and teller of interesting facts from the history of Kiev and Ukraine.

How much time must I wait for a Kiev girl?
If you are on the territory of Ukraine you have to call our manager two hours before to meet a girl, if you live in the centre of Kiev your girl can come to your place even earlier.

If I will use your escort service not 1 time only, can I have more interesting price for Ukraine girls?
Ukraine escort is very tolerant to its clients and if you meet our girl more than one time we will propose you more interesting prices.

I want to have Ukraine ladies for long time, 2 weeks. Will I have the most interesting price if I will choice several Kiev ladies for this period of time?
You will have a special price for your reservation. To have detailed information call our manager.

Can I have a girl for me and my woman?
Yes you can, mostly of our girls like to have bisexual sex. You have to say about your wish our manager.

Can I invite a Ukraine girl in my country?
Of course you can but it depends from a country you live in and it will take some time to make documents for a girl. Contact our manager for detailed information.

If I will not satisfy of escort with a girl I had choose, can I change a girl?
You can have any other girl from Ukraine escort but you have to pay for a girl for all time you were together.

I want to go to Crimea in Ukraine. Can I have a girl in other town of Ukraine or I need to have a Kiev girl from Kiev?
If you want to have your escort girl from Kiev you can use escort in Kiev and if you want to have a girl from some other Ukrainian city call to Ukraine escort and our manager will explain you everything.

When need I pay?
You have to pay for a girl at the beginning of your meeting.

Can I pay by check or by card?
You have to pay only cash in dollars or euro.