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Sexy Ukraine escorts service girl I have for you four Ukraine escorts girls who completely are enamoured of you! You can do with them that want. They constantly think of you, but do not admit, because are afraid that you will laugh over their feelings. Therefore pretend that you know nothing». The sachet very much was pleasant to be my guinea pig. Though in detail he knew nothing about my experiment. I simply adjusted women and asked, that was, about what to it without telling. It met all the week long girls several times with everyone. Then I a week later have called back to them.

The first: «Sasha has absolutely changed my opinion on it. It became such good, I did not expect. It already practically is pleasant to me! At us with it can as it will turn out, and why you ask?.»

The second: «Your Ukraine escorts friend is not too bad it has appeared, as I spoke. Though it and not in my taste, but it was simply class sex! It persevering». (Also it is our modest Sasha!) the Third: «From what it took, what I will meet it? Why he so insisted, you that have arranged it? I did not ask to equip the private Ukraine escorts life! Gifts it is not necessary for me». The little fool, you do not appreciate my gifts — well and it is fine! More never you with anybody I will not acquaint. And could reduce with the class guy. read more →

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Top rated Ukraine escort service models I am engaged, has asked for this group, and I it took. The group of the selected participants gathered regularly for teleshow preparation. He is wanted to get acquainted with the Ukraine escort girl, it was its constant problem and desire. But, as he confirmed, he behaved with Ukraine escort girls incorrectly.
Therefore it also has asked me for suggestions. In spite of the fact that I have given to it some valuable instructions, it is all the same constant Quailed, and I have decided that the guy is time for rescuing. It was one of the most difficult my pupils because practically trusted nothing. I said that it is pleasant to Ukraine escort women, but he only looked down and answered:
— Bleach I it it am pleasant, why they do not court round me the same as round you? Why they do not look at me the same eyes?
— Whence you know?
— I know.
A trick that you always see when the Ukraine escort girl looks at other guy. But when she pays attention to you, you as if grow blind. Why so? Because the girl tries to hide it from you? Can be! Because you do not notice its signals, you are banal the inattentive? And it too is true! And, at last, it is simple because you hammer to yourself into the head that Ukraine escort women to you do not have affairs! And it is far not so! read more →

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Choose your escort in Ukraine service woman Who make the big success at escort in Ukraine women, are convinced:«I AM pleasant to ALL NORMAL WOMEN». If I am not pleasant to someone, it means that«it is the WRONG WOMAN». Still when I am in a superconfident condition and mine the beginning and climbs from me, I do not doubt that I can tempt any if it will be possible to remain with her alone. And more often and occurs. If I remain alone with the escort in Ukraine woman it does not have chances. Even if it will escape, I will gently tear on it clothes and then she will want me because women like passion!

To escort in Ukraine women adore that wild animal which sits in me. I at times represent, as it climbs outside, but I do not let out it! My movements gentle and smooth, but in eyes fire blazes, and the sight of this violent animal is felt! When the escort in Ukraine woman feels it, at it run on a skin. I so wind myself intentionally, outwardly remaining quiet and assured because precisely I know: now the girl washing, it has not enough chances. Still I often add about myself:«YOU ALREADY MINE!» . I hope that it will serve you as the guide to action, and your wild animal will find out itself! Many women told to me that it is pleasant to them, when the man behaves as the muzhik. I asked, whether it seems to them, what it is too rough? The majority answered that they dreamt to meet for a long time such person near to whom you can feel the escort in Ukraine woman. read more →

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Fuck Ukrainian escorts service woman Have put on and have arrived to me to have sex? Some spoke:«The car and wine»; some:«Desire». Then I asked:«That is necessary that, you have now arrived to the Sachet and were engaged with it in sex?» Contact to each of them was very confidential, they loved me as the Ukrainian escorts friend, therefore they were. Two of ten girls have answered:«It is necessary, that he has simply called me!» Next day I have given phone numbers of those two Ukrainian escorts girls of the Sachet that he has called them. After it has phoned to them and has simply told everyone:«Give we will meet». Both have agreed. And night they have spent together. After that I have decided to make experiment.

From the new arrived girls I have calculated a little from those who wants to meet Sashej and quite approaches it. Then I have communicated to them that is, as usual, have made all work for the Ukrainian escorts friend. They so trusted me. I said to each of them that it is ideally suited for the Sachet. This time I have transferred the Sachet of number of three Ukrainian escorts girls. Three girls from twenty with which I communicated, were ready to climb in bed to it on the first appointment, practically in some minutes. BUT! Having transferred numbers, I have told lies to it, having told:«I called to These girls, I do not know, whether you are pleasant to them. read more →

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Fuck Kiev escorts service models All the same your eyes will make the necessary work, she will guess that is pleasant to you! The Kiev escorts woman wants, that it ordered, the woman wants to feel that she is a woman. Very strong Kiev escorts woman dreams to find to itself the guy with whom she can feel weak. That is why it is necessary to be with the woman VERY ASSURED! What structure of your actions from the moment of opening of this book?

1. Get a notebook in which you will write down unnecessary and fulfilled phones of Kiev escorts women.
2. Regularly leave in crowded a place to get acquainted with all women successively which will be pleasant to you.
3. In some days ring out to these persons and them on appointment. On every day appoint on appointment. If the Kiev escorts girl asks you, why you so precisely make an appointment on Wednesday, and today only Sunday, your answer to it: «You that, do not know, what such planning? I am seriously occupied! Therefore on Wednesday there in so much!» After that bring the resume: «So, we have agreed, there, in so much».
4. You meet them. In half from appointments you fulfil is a sex this very day. In other appointments your problem to make so that the Kiev escorts girl has wanted to meet you once again!
5. Sex. In a week from them you should dissolve one on sex at any cost!
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