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Outcall Ukraine escort agency models To deliver itself and them pleasure, more shortly, to have sex! The Ukraine escort woman will tell to you: «do not listen, do how I speak to you, I know that it is necessary for me». NEVER TRUST IT!!! She does not know that it is necessary for it! The Ukraine escort woman such being: if you listen that she speaks and to penetrate into sense of these words poor you I, you is sincerely a pity to me! The Ukraine escort woman tells one, and means absolutely another. If the woman sees that the man obeys her, means, he/she is the male, in its opinion which it can construct!

What it then the male? She should feel that you are much more confident than it. Therefore operate how you consider it necessary. Never justify, do not apologise for the acts. Has made — means so it is necessary! She will ask: «What for?» Your answer, remember it: SO it is necessary! I SO HAVE solved. It is necessary not to listen to Ukraine escort women, and to study, the nobility and to understand their requirements, real requirements, instead of that they talk without a stop. As practice has shown, these are different things. They say at all that is necessary for them. And I know that it is necessary for them and even more — as them to make happy. Therefore rise on studying of Ukraine escort women and how it is necessary to communicate with them. Tell, if you descend on one training on boxing how you think, you will learn boxing? Correctly, NO! read more →

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Rates of escort in Ukraine agency girls How your escort in Ukraine girl concerns it? — She about it does not ask me! The second rule already from planning area. Appointment “for today” appoint yesterday! Always plan week in the end of Sunday if you do not want to spend this week in loneliness. It too is important for the temper. Plan meetings! Never do nothing one. Buy belongings with the escort in Ukraine woman. She will dress you to the taste and after that should fall in love. Only look, be not mistaken with the woman and its taste.

Go to the cinema with women, sleep with women. Make so that escort in Ukraine women were always nearby. That they fed you with energy and loved you. Women is the keystone to success for any muzhik! All my pupils after trainings on a seducing grandiosely grow in life. Because round them escort in Ukraine women are twisted, and people start to reach for them. The success and asks for a pocket. All love the happy person. At the usual beginning temper it is some appointments in a week with different girls who, as a rule, come to an end or continuation of appointment of the house, or following appointment. Anyway the purpose is obvious — to pass to the following stage of relations — to tempt the girl. Sex should occur, here that! «How much it morally: to have sex with different girls?» — Usually ask me. Whether I deceive them? And from what it? I to marry them I do not gather yet. And then we will look. The temper has sex for three reasons. read more →

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Ukraine escorts agency ladies Test So, before you« the beauty test », developed by me specially that to help each Ukraine escorts woman to estimate properly pluses and minuses of the appearance. Put on a bathing suit (better separate) and at day illumination rise before big, in all growth, a mirror. It is even better, if you make this bared Ukraine escorts agency girls test. Walk before a mirror, look at itself from different directions, sideways, from a back (for this purpose use a manual mirror). Do not lose sight of any trifle. However not be to itself unfairly captious, do not direct attention to insignificant small defects On the other hand, refuse the narcissism deprived of any criticism. Try to be objective. With it you will be helped by the following tested reception. At first imagine that the enamoured man looks at you, it will help you to note your doubtless advantages. And now try to look at itself eyes of the spiteful competitor (though it and is not too pleasant!) . Estimate the appearance from this position. After you finish the supervision, put down to yourself estimations on five-point system opposite to each point in the list resulted more low. The GENERAL VIEW Growth Weight (completeness degree) Proportions (harmony of parts of a body) the Bearing (symmetry, stateliness) the Hair colour Skin colour Quality of a skin the HEAD Hair (density, the invoice) the Person (as a whole) Quality of a face skin the Face form the Form of a forehead of the read more →