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Sexy Ukraine escorts service girl I have for you four Ukraine escorts girls who completely are enamoured of you! You can do with them that want. They constantly think of you, but do not admit, because are afraid that you will laugh over their feelings. Therefore pretend that you know nothing». The sachet very much was pleasant to be my guinea pig. Though in detail he knew nothing about my experiment. I simply adjusted women and asked, that was, about what to it without telling. It met all the week long girls several times with everyone. Then I a week later have called back to them.

The first: «Sasha has absolutely changed my opinion on it. It became such good, I did not expect. It already practically is pleasant to me! At us with it can as it will turn out, and why you ask?.»

The second: «Your Ukraine escorts friend is not too bad it has appeared, as I spoke. Though it and not in my taste, but it was simply class sex! It persevering». (Also it is our modest Sasha!) the Third: «From what it took, what I will meet it? Why he so insisted, you that have arranged it? I did not ask to equip the private Ukraine escorts life! Gifts it is not necessary for me». The little fool, you do not appreciate my gifts — well and it is fine! More never you with anybody I will not acquaint. And could reduce with the class guy. read more →

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Outcall Ukraine escort agency models To deliver itself and them pleasure, more shortly, to have sex! The Ukraine escort woman will tell to you: «do not listen, do how I speak to you, I know that it is necessary for me». NEVER TRUST IT!!! She does not know that it is necessary for it! The Ukraine escort woman such being: if you listen that she speaks and to penetrate into sense of these words poor you I, you is sincerely a pity to me! The Ukraine escort woman tells one, and means absolutely another. If the woman sees that the man obeys her, means, he/she is the male, in its opinion which it can construct!

What it then the male? She should feel that you are much more confident than it. Therefore operate how you consider it necessary. Never justify, do not apologise for the acts. Has made — means so it is necessary! She will ask: «What for?» Your answer, remember it: SO it is necessary! I SO HAVE solved. It is necessary not to listen to Ukraine escort women, and to study, the nobility and to understand their requirements, real requirements, instead of that they talk without a stop. As practice has shown, these are different things. They say at all that is necessary for them. And I know that it is necessary for them and even more — as them to make happy. Therefore rise on studying of Ukraine escort women and how it is necessary to communicate with them. Tell, if you descend on one training on boxing how you think, you will learn boxing? Correctly, NO! read more →

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Top rated Ukraine escort service models I am engaged, has asked for this group, and I it took. The group of the selected participants gathered regularly for teleshow preparation. He is wanted to get acquainted with the Ukraine escort girl, it was its constant problem and desire. But, as he confirmed, he behaved with Ukraine escort girls incorrectly.
Therefore it also has asked me for suggestions. In spite of the fact that I have given to it some valuable instructions, it is all the same constant Quailed, and I have decided that the guy is time for rescuing. It was one of the most difficult my pupils because practically trusted nothing. I said that it is pleasant to Ukraine escort women, but he only looked down and answered:
— Bleach I it it am pleasant, why they do not court round me the same as round you? Why they do not look at me the same eyes?
— Whence you know?
— I know.
A trick that you always see when the Ukraine escort girl looks at other guy. But when she pays attention to you, you as if grow blind. Why so? Because the girl tries to hide it from you? Can be! Because you do not notice its signals, you are banal the inattentive? And it too is true! And, at last, it is simple because you hammer to yourself into the head that Ukraine escort women to you do not have affairs! And it is far not so! read more →

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Ukraine escorts model for sex The conclusion from this follows: any woman can become irresistible if it is set by this purpose. And you too can become improbably seductive person, capable to break man’s hearts. For this purpose you should lay down this aim for yourselves only. Whose opinion should be for you defining? Probably, you will have a thought:« Whether there will be I thus vulgar, similar to the Ukraine escorts woman of easy virtue? Whether my attempts of seduction will look deliberate or, is worse than that, ridiculous in the opinion of men or my friends?» . At once I will tell: let you does not excite, how you will look in the opinion of girlfriends. Your friends at all are not the best judges of your Ukraine escorts sex appeal. When among Ukraine escorts ladies for sex there is sexually effective, attractive, self-assured person they perceive it as potential threat. They fairly are afraid that it will concentrate to herself attention of all men, and other women on its background will be imperceptible and, as a result, remain out of work. Trying to neutralise so dangerous girlfriend, friends quite often start to condemn her, to sneer concerning it ostensibly nasty taste, vulgarities, etc. I do not doubt that such situation is familiar to you. As to men, it, on the contrary, pleasantly and flatterly when the woman before them openly "positions" itself as attractive sexual object. Men see in it the extraction raising desire of it to win. In this case they even are ready to forgive it errors against good taste (if those are available). read more →

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Elite Ukraine escort service In the ancient time there was a dedication ceremony in the man. Even then primitive people understood that the boy it is necessary to teach to be the man. And unless the dedication ceremony in the woman is not necessary? After all we demand from men that they were true representatives of the floor: strong, reliable, true, also we are very much afflicted, when we do not find out in them similar qualities. And men, in turn, everywhere say that they do not find in the girlfriends of that incomprehensibly – mysterious feminity of which they always dream about best Ukraine escort service . Whether you are capable to seize in perfection seduction art? Perhaps, each woman, than she was engaged in life, would not prevent to receive "vocational education" thanks to which it could acquire receptions of truly female behaviour, and to become, if it is possible so to be expressed, present "pro" in seduction art. Certainly, here, as well as in each field of activity, there are ingenious pupils, and those who is allocated by usual abilities. But even the women who have been not too generously endowed by nature, are quite capable to acquire certain rules of the reference with men thanks to whom they can skilfully behave with them and achieve success. I do not know, how much it here is pertinent, but I would like to remember a playful phrase:« Even the bear can to teach be danced »! read more →