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Blonde Kiev escort service femaleThe similar behaviour testifies to a mental pathology.
Not to be engaged in washing every day, accustom the children not to spoil clothes. And time was soiled, — means, leave it tomorrow houses, without having allowed to walk in the street. Some times you so will punish, and your Kiev escort girl quickly will understand all. Children not so such disobedient as some parents think; they are parents are not able to bring up the children.
Children cannot think up interesting game. “Bouncer”, “classics” and other, — games primitive and quickly games and Kiev escort employment. Books now are on sale, Where you will find helps — how to arrange house game, play with Kiev escort ladies or let he will invite coevals. Is and many various games in the street.
The child is engaged in senseless impellent activity in the street because to it of boringly house, parents do not give it enough attention, being are occupied by house efforts. Mums are too occupied (more precisely, think out to itself unnecessary employment), and children to itself and have a good time as can.
If at you still the small child, have to a kind that Kiev escort models who are not able interesting to spend time, becoming teenagers, aimlessly dangle along the street, start to drink, accept drugs, search “thrills” of criminal character. And it is a direct way to the psychiatrist or in imprisonment places. If you want to save the child from such drama consequences, it is better to pay since small years attention to it, instead of and apartment cleaning.
With all confidence I can tell that to the psychiatrist those children and teenagers to whom parents gave few time and attention get. Argument: “It is full-is dressed-is put, at it all is”, is a self-justification, instead of care of the child. If your child will not have fashionable clothes and expensive toys, but in your escorts company there will be good fellowship, emotional and psychological contact to the son (Kiev escort girl), — then you should not cry in an office of the psychiatrist: “the Doctor, rescue my child”, — that I heard from thousand mothers which were engaged in everything, everything, but only not own child earlier.