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Kiev girls business

Set fire a garland on a fir-tree. After absence champagne poured in tall wine glass a mushroom from banks and put on a magazine dinner-wagon. On a television set the new secretary general of TSK of KPSS congratulated soviet people with coming Kiev girls New Year. And a beautiful young woman, polulezha in an arm-chair, caressed itself before a television set – as if teased this feeble old man, imagining itself by the rescuer of Kiev girls Homeland from alien external influences and internal decomposition. He did not yet understand that all collapsed a long agoŠ¾.? trinadtsatiletnie girls and boys are engaged in Kiev girls love on his colours, and his idols are turned away by a nose in a corner, that did not oversee. And how hardly not each, who looks a television set in this prednovogodnyuyu minute, dreams only about one: how to write to this old marasmus an improper word across a forehead. And however, scarcely. What business to the normal people to all these old men from a Kiev girls television set? There is no business. Helen Yuri, former leader and future teacher, caressed itself, closing eyes, and under the fight of chimes remembered surprising the lover. Trinadtsatiletnego boy. Yurika Lebedeva. Bird. He called in thirteen years, but talked so, as though they parted maksimum the Kiev girls day before yesterday. – For me contract with Russian “Playboy”. A beautiful mature woman is quickly required. Money and glory is guaranteed. – And I here at what? – Well here. It is invited to be taken off for “Playboy”, and it asks yet. – are you mad, yes? What “Playboy”? What beautiful woman? I am not mature, I am old. And modest besides. I am “Playboy” even feel to look shy at people. – And in loneliness, did begin to be, does look? And not slander at itself. you are thirty three Kiev girls years, was not married, children were not present. And your favourite beach straight for me under windows. – At what here beach? – Think and will guess. And not try to object. I will have will however. you know me. Wonderful pore in an order to visit mother-nature. To give to it the contribution of gratitude for that happiness which fallen out to me, when I met It. We met enough long with It.

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