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Able to open him only Yurik, using the outstanding Kiev escort talent of housebreaker for this purpose. In this basement for Bird a secret photographic laboratory was equipped, and he quite not with picked for the sake of love to unstuck from a photographic handicraft. Moreover, he brought over to him and Kiev escort Lenochku. At once after arrival they undressed stark naked, but not given up at once to love each other, but began to conjure with an enlarger and reagents. Usually nothing putnogo for them kept indoors from a surexcitation, excitation, while it was not splashed out through an edge. They gave rein to Kiev escort passion eventually, and Yurik for a few nights learned to take the friend to the orgasm, especially strong that is why, that it had to restrain a scream. And nobody for this time so found out neither their criminal conversation nor their concealment. And yet surprised (and made happy) Lenochku that it did not become pregnant after all these entertainments, although a height of bacchanalia was on the most dangerous on calculations Kiev escort days. Then it copied off this success on the immature seed of Yurika – and knew only much later, that it it is sterile. And Yuri Lebedev afterwards declared proudly, that for him “Twenty five children only on this side from La-mansha are twelve girls and thirteen boys. Thus thirteenth – all in me”. But it all then. And now July swiftly walked up by the end. Yurik departed home, and Lenochka remained on the third changing. In night before departure they were engaged in love for the last Kiev escort time. – will We meet yet? – he asked. – does not think, – it answered. – Why? – Because every madness well fairly. – Then I will pervert Svechkinu. – It you will pervert. They all the same were seen yet once or twice, when Bird suddenly without rhyme or reason appeared in “Petrel” or in his environs. Then he teased the chief of camp and fizruka, bathing on the opened water next to lyagushatnikom. Then cheekily appeared among night straight at a vozhatskogo fire and asked to light – and it was given him. Then he suddenly arrived how hardly not officially, with a certification fotokora of pioneer Kiev escort newspaper “Spark”.